International Subscribers - Click Here Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Scents and Sensibility: The Scented Geranium is Spring’s Must-Have Plant), I’ve become completely obsessed. Here's one way to bring variety, color and a whole spectrum of fragrances into your life. Scented geranium leaves can also be dried and crumbled for use. There's something very special about plants with aromatic foliage ... they have a kind of unexpected and delightful allure. The oil of the Geranium makes a good astringent and can be diluted with water and used topically to help clean the face or in a bath. Have, however, been making quite a good living writing non-fiction ebooks for clients - not quite the same thing but I guess it just shows that I can write when I really want to :). . Make your tea according to the instructions listed above. Despite their common name, scented geraniums are unrelated to the true geranium (Geranium maculatum), or cranesbill, whose lovely rose pink flowers are often found growing wild in temperate woodlands. This helps to scent the room in both and environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. When it comes to essential oils, this is one of the most useful, especially when it comes to skin care. As with any other oil, be sure to dilute it in some form of carrier oil or aqueous base (as above). They need full sun and a nicely composted, light soil. Scented geraniums are … … One of many garden geranium species, the lemon-scented geranium (Pelargonium crispum), which grows in USDA zones 10 to 11, is a popular choice among gardeners for … If you want to, you can make a nice skin cream from scratch—use a good quality aqueous cream. Rose-scented geranium is simple to use. The oil works two-fold, as a tonic and an antidepressant. I personally prefer to have them out in the garden but they will do almost as well on a small patio. The Rose Scented Geranium became popular in cooking. All products All Perennials and Herbs Attract Butterflies Container Plant Culinary Culinary Herbs and Perennials Deer Resistant Drought Tolerant For Cut Flowers Fragrant Leaves Ground Cover Honeybee Plant Hummingbird Plant Medicinal Pelargonium (Scented Geranium) Plants Rock Garden Tea Garden Tea Plant Variegated Leaves. See more ideas about scented geranium, geraniums, pelargonium. Make a strong tea with equal parts of Geranium and Comfrey and use as a natural plant booster. They can be grown in garden beds and then dug up and moved indoors for the winter but are most often treated as container plants that can then be easily moved indoors for the winter. Upon reading about this tip, I thought it was a bit of a gag but I did try it and it worked really well. Fiona (author) from South Africa on June 12, 2016: Thelma Alberts from Germany and Philippines on June 12, 2016: I have no idea that this plant has many uses. We have always had this in our garden - didn't know it was edible. Citronella Scented Geranium Live Houseplant, Rooted Cutting in Seedling Pot (Pelargonium citrosum, Mosquito Plant) MegLordMadeIt. Add one or two leaves of rose geranium to hot apple jelly to give the spread a delectable extra hint of flavor. Here are the seven groups and some of their best-known varieties: Rose: Old-fashioned Rose, Dr. Livingston, Logee's Snowflake, Attar of Roses, and Grey Lady Plymouth. By morning the clipped ends will have sealed over slightly. Applications Rose-scented geranium leaves are used to infuse flavor into sugars, teas, vinegar, simple syrups, baked goods, and jellies. Made into a room freshening spray, it is especially effective in rooms with stale, smoke-filled air. Water them only when the soil has dried out somewhat (it should feel dry to the touch, but do not let the plant roots dehydrate), then soak them thoroughly and allow them to drain completely. Since the soil in South Africa is light and has excellent drainage, it would be best to duplicate this medium if you intend to grow scented geraniums. Many gardeners grow the scented geranium because it gives them fragrance on tap. I wonder if you ever did? They are so easy to grow that there is no reason not to have fresh leaves on hand all year round. Pungent: Beauty, Clorinda, Mrs. Taylor, Pine-scented, Old Scarlet Unique, and Southernwood. Scented geraniums tolerate dry soil and many are excellent for growing in containers. The cuttings should then be put into peat pots (Chuck uses Jiffy-7 pots at Shady Hill) kept just moist, not wet. You might find it under this name. They prefer a full sun location. account? You can use an aromatherapy burner or a diffuser; you can use a bowl of water placed on top of a radiator; you can even drop a few drops into the inside of the toilet tissue tube to scent the bathroom. Author/gardener Helen Van Pelt Wilson feels that a blend of half leaf mold and half peat moss works quite well . This is an example of one that is not edible at all—very similar in looks, but quite toxic. It is quite a strongly scented herb and is also very pretty. This is also a beneficial essential oil to keep around the house. nine great articles here. It is beneficial in treating stress, depression, skin problems, PMS, and insomnia. Their tactile leaves can be fuzzy or smooth, and they come in a wide range of shapes and hues. Open and sniff when you need a boost - the scent will last for ages. The leaves of different varieties also display a range of shapes, sizes, and colors ... from the tiny, bright green, crinkled, lemon-scented leaves of Pelargonium crispum types to the large, grayish green, velvety, peppermint-scented leaves of Pelargonium tomentosum. Versatile as well as varied, scented geraniums can be tucked into the garden between the herbs and flowers, grown in hanging baskets, trained as standards (tree-like forms), or simply planted in pretty pots to grace a sunny kitchen window or—during the warmer months—to occupy a spot near an entryway, inviting the touch of passersby. Fragrant pelargoniums are divided into six or seven major categories (depending on which authority you follow) according to their predominant scents and growth habits. Hello. Mother Earth News: Build It Yourself E-Book, Natural Cold Storage: Fresh Food in Winter, Keeping Crops Cool During Hot Weather: 13 Ways to Beat the Heat, Subscribe Today - Pay Now & Save 64% Off the Cover Price. In each of the following sections, I will give you ideas on what the best method to use it is, but here is a rundown of the basics. Fiona (author) from South Africa on December 16, 2013: Hi Jeanetter - I wouldn't eat the leaves as is, rather use them in a tea or in butter. Lemon: Prince Rupert, Lemon-scented, Mable Grey, Lemon Balm, and Rose Bengal. Scented Geranium Cake . The flowers are less showy, on the whole, than the blooms of the familiar ornamental, but they're attractive (if rather small) and may be white, pink, red, lavender, or—in at least one case—yellow. Use the fresh flowers to decorate cakes and other edibles. Believe it or not, this herb is great for the gardener - if you get bitten by a bug in the garden or scratch yourself, scrunch up a couple of leaves and apply to the area. Some experts advise using a mixture of sand and perlite; some prefer moist sand. If you do not have space outside, you can try and grow the rose-scented geranium indoors. A common nickname for this plant is ‘Lemon-geranium’. Oak-Leaved: Fair Ellen, Sharptooth Oak, Staghorn Oak, Pheasant's Foot, and Village Hill Oak. Add a quarter cup of chopped leaves and flowers for every cup of aqueous cream. The most famous Scent Geranium must be the Lemon Fresh Mosquito Fighter and yes… It’s all in the name! Leave to steep for about 5-10 minutes, strain and sip slowly. Fiona (author) from South Africa on June 10, 2016: Reynold Jay from Saginaw, Michigan on June 09, 2016: Eat'm!?!?!?! Use in the bath as a scrub to help relax muscles and revitalize skin. Brighter, lighter, less sweet and a little less “grandma” than true rose, the smell of rose geranium is like old rose blended with a touch of citrus, spice, green herbs and a tiny hint of resin. They should be pruned annually to prevent them from getting scraggly. Use in iced tea or juices to make them look prettier. Once the cuttings are rooted, you can transplant them into a standard growing medium in 4" pots and set them out in the garden (if there's no danger of frost). Alternatively, they will do well in a large pot and make a great show on a sunny porch. Fiona (author) from South Africa on October 28, 2015: Yip - still haven't actually finished it yet - got about halfway and got whacked with writer's block. I always add the essential oil to any skin creams I make - it is very nourishing and mixes quite easily with a lot of different oils. According to a thesis submitted by Melissa Clanton, Australasian College of Health Sciences, subjects who applied 5% dilution of clary sage and geranium to their feet, experienced a reduced intensity of hot flashes. Some suggest a pH of 6 to 7 (very slightly acid, or neutral), with peat moss, sand, or perlite added to provide balance and good drainage. Fiona (author) from South Africa on July 07, 2013: Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. Scented geraniums are non toxic and some varieties are used in the kitchen as flavouring in baking and herbal teas. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews $ 12.00. A cup of tea made with the herb will help to relax the nervous system and soothe the digestive system. I hope all is well for you. They were often found in sachets and potpourri bowls or their leaves would be placed in a crystal bowl of water and the fragrance would waft throughout the household. This oil has antifungal, antibacterial and styptic properties that help prevent infection and promote healing. I've had very good results rooting several cultivars using moist perlite in a decapitated plastic milk jug covered with a tent made from an inverted plastic grocery bag. Stuff a cotton ball, tissue or some toilet paper into the bottle and add a few drops of essential oil. A common use in cooking is making a scented geranium pound cake lining the pan with scented geranium leaves. Repot the plants when their roots fill the containers, or put them directly into the ground. It not only helps to nourish the wood but it also leaves a really lovely scent on it that lasts for days - the scent is delicate and not overpowering in this instance. Fruit and Nut: Apple, Strawberry, Orange, Apricot, Filbert, and Pretty Polly. From shop MegLordMadeIt. “Scenteds” have other uses too. By the 1700's they were being grown in quantity for the perfume industry, and with the discovery that the Pelargonium capitatum—known as Attar of Roses—could serve as a substitute or adulterant for the costly true rose attar, extensive plantations of scented geraniums were established by British landowners in Kenya. They are commonly mixed with sugar and left in a warm location for 2-4 weeks. Or is there something wrong with my plant? Maybe it needs a bigger pot? When you water, drench the plant thoroughly and drain away any excess water. Different authorities have different ideas, though, as to precisely what constitutes the best mixture for the potting soil. Growing a rose-scented geranium is pretty easy. Mint: Peppermint, Joy Lucille, Pungent Peppermint, Crowfoot, and Chocolate Mint. don't have an online Geranium is identified by the botanical name Pelargonium graveolens and Rose Geranium’s specific botanical name is Pelargonium graveolens var. Allow to simmer slowly for about 20 minutes over moderate heat. Bruise the leaves to get more of the oils out. Another thing is it has grown atleast 3x its original size. Apply as necessary and discard when done. She has twenty years' experience in the field and wants to share that knowledge. Do be patient here because it could take a little while. Scented geranium cuttings are more susceptible to rot than those from the familiar garden type, so the rooting medium should be very well drained, and you should water conservatively. Use in moderation as it is a very strong scent. Pelargonium / ˌ p ɛ l ɑːr ˈ É¡ oʊ n i ə m / is a genus of flowering plants which includes about 280 species of perennials, succulents, and shrubs, commonly known as geraniums, pelargoniums, or storksbills. It is native to South Africa, and so it might not always be that easy to get your hands on elsewhere, but it is a fantastic plant if you can find it. To make a cup of tea, pick about half a cup of leaves and flowers and fill the rest of the cup with boiling water. For a soft rose taste that's both unusual and elegant, lay several of these leaves in the bottom of a greased and floured loaf pan when you're baking a white or pound cake. Semi-woody and tender, these perennials are native to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and, if left outdoors, rarely survive the rigorous winters typical of most of the United States. Scented geraniums are prized more for their leaves and produce small delicate flowers. With fragrances of fruits, flowers, spices, or even chocolate, scented geraniums delight the senses. Award-winning Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses' (Scented Geranium) is a bushy evergreen sub-shrub boasting rose-scented, pinnately lobed leaves. Heat apple jelly until it is liquidy, add several rose geranium leaves, pour into a jar and allow to cool and refrigerate. Chop up about a tablespoon of the fresh leaves and add to your savory dough recipes to impart a nice flavor - this works best with scones, pancakes or sponge cakes. Rose-scented geranium leaves are used as a scent relaxer, and the essential oils help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. The leaves, flowers, and scented oils of many scented geraniums can be used as garnishes and in salads and for flavoring ice creams and desserts. This is one plant I have never been without in my garden. Scented Leaf Pelargonium, as well as being intensely perfumed plants, are classified as herbs and the leaves have many uses recipes, aromatherapy, herbal and medicinal preparations and recently have become popular as a sensory aid. I keep one of these in my car to help me out when I'm very tired. jams and jellies, cakes, flavored sugars and syrups, puddings, custards, With the advent of World War I and its concomitant fuel shortages, greenhouse production of ornamental plants was banned. If you choose another variety, please make sure that it is edible before taking it internally. Altogether there are some 80 varieties available, yet at one time there were more than 250. Alternatively, you can use its essential oil. Layer scented geranium leaves with sugar and let it sit for a month or two. Hardy and long-lasting in the vase and garden, and they smell good too! Another is making scented geranium sugar by layering the leaves in a jar of sugar. You can also make a great bath vinegar by immersing a half cup of the chopped herb into 500 ml of good quality vinegar. (This will give some idea of just how extensive these plantations needed to be: It takes one ton of green material to produce a mere two and a half pounds of essence by the process of distillation!) Already a Member? Both the flowers and leaves are edible. Survival Skills, Garden Planning, Seed Saving, Food Preservation, Natural Health – Dozens of courses, 100+ workshops, and interactive Q&As. You can also make a tea with the leaves and flowers or an oil infusion. The leaves and flowers can both be used as is. The sweeter fragrances, such as rose, can be added to a bath or used in a sachet. Used in a cream base, the oils are very moisturizing and excellent for dry skin. They were one of the essential herbs of early American colonists who favored useful herbs over merely decorative flowers. In summer I keep a jar of this cream in the fridge - it is perfect for soothing tired, hot, sun-burnt skin. Geranium is excellent for treating a range of womens health issues from hot flashes and distress during menopause and menstrual cramps. You could also see it listed as Rose-Scented Geranium. Rinse very well and leave to dry. Chop up some of the fresh leaves herbs and add to softened butter to create a really delicious and unusual butter. Answer: I wouldn't use the scarlet firework geranium in any edibles. Rose-scented geranium is best known for its relaxing properties. Scented geraniums are used in many aromatherepeutic remedies. Spice: Nutmeg, Ginger, Old Spice, and Cinnamon. It is worth looking for the right variety—once you have it in your garden, you will never need to be without it again and, once you start using it, you'll wonder how you managed without it. Geraniums can be used in the kitchen, too, for jams and jellies, cakes, flavored sugars and syrups, puddings, custards, and beverages such as tea or wine. However, these five names represent only a fraction of the wonderful pelargoniums—better known as scented geraniums—that are available to the collector of charming and unusual flowering plants. Making your own cream is pretty simple—all you need to do is to bruise a cup of the leaves and flowers, put them in a pot with a cup of aqueous cream, bring to the boil and simmer, covered, for about 15 minutes. I learn new things everyday! Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. All leaves should then be removed from the bottom quarter of the stem. Alternatively, put flowers in ice trays, cover with water and freeze. This is one of the best oils when it comes to treating skin conditions, rashes, and sunburns. Thanks. It is also one of Margaret Robert's Top 100 favorite herbs. Scented geraniums are not true garden geraniums like their common name infers; they are pelargoniums, mostly hybrids created for their bright colors, beauty, and fragrance. They prefer a milder climate but are frost-resistant and pretty hardy. To make this flavor stronger, add one or two drops of rose oil or rosewater to the batter. (At one time bunches of the fresh greens were even strewn on earthen or flagstone floors where—serving in much the same capacity as today's room fresheners—they gave out sweet odors when trod upon.). Still, they do make nice gifts so grow a few slips, put them into pretty pots and hand out to friends. or a mixture of 3 parts loam, 1 part coarse sand, and 1 part leaf mold. Both genera belong to the family Geraniaceae. It should be noted, however, that it needs full sun and that it can grow quite big. Like to read more content, Join the Mother Earth News Community Today. You must, however, always dilute the oils properly—at a maximum concentration of 2%—by mixing them into a carrier oil or cream base. Canadian Subscribers - Click Here (In fact, it is best to use the leaves fresh.) Don't add a nitrogen fertilizer unless it's absolutely necessary: Too much nitrogen will encourage excessive, weak growth and a corresponding loss of fragrance. It's hardy and very easy to grow. It can be used fresh, in a tea, or in a cream or oil base. Add a teaspoon of honey if you don't find it sweet enough already. It is often used as a replacement for Rose essential oil but definitely smells a lot more herbaceous. Question: I have a scarlet firework geranium, is the flower edible as I would like to use it to decorate a cake? For best results, Heidgen places the peat pots on a cake rack that's set into a pan with some water in the bottom. (About 2-3 drops per 50 ml of oil). I prefer natural remedies to drugs anytime. Clip the corners of the grocery bag to allow some top ventilation and place where it will get strong indirect light and warm night temps. Geranium is also the botanical name and common name of a separate genus of related plants, also known as cranesbills. Take a few sprigs and bunch them into a face cloth. For example, you might add a few leaf pieces to a cake recipe or steep them in a glass of hot tea. At MOTHER EARTH NEWS for 50 years and counting, we are dedicated to conserving our planet's natural resources while helping you conserve your financial resources. It is also helpful in treating eczema and other rashes. You may also use the Bill Me option and pay $17.95 for 6 issues. Strawberry and citral-scented, it is used in perfumery and soap making. This provides humidity while keeping the pots out of direct contact with the water. It also helps to attract butterflies to your garden. The essential oil of scented geraniums has also been used in perfumes, insect repellents, astringents, and in aromatherapy oils. In fact, it does have a tendency to take over a bit, so be ruthless when cutting it back—on the upside, we have pulled out loads of these babies and they make great presents. Reynold Jay from Saginaw, Michigan on October 19, 2015: Hi Fiona! They are, rather, members of the Pelargonium genus, which includes the beloved garden geranium that's cultivated in window boxes and ornamental gardens throughout the country. Take a few leaves, crush slightly and rub over wooden furniture to help to nourish the wood and to create a delightful delicate scent in the room. Canadian subscriptions: 1 year (includes postage & GST). Get a good quality aqueous cream and add a few drops of essential oil. This will remove the itchiness and help the skin to heal. , Roses, lavender, pansies, and 1 part coarse sand, and chocolate mint any! Scenting agents moved indoors 'm glad to have it in my garden bright! Need full sun and a nicely composted, light soil a list of flavorings. Put flowers in ice trays, cover with water and freeze other oil, and rose Bengal use! Any other oil, and pretty Polly ideas about scented geranium I bought this summer I have an bite! Nicely composted, light soil edible and so are useful in decorating iced goods and... Orange, Apricot, Filbert, and scented geranium uses garden, and chocolate mint plant... Pretty Polly scent the room in both and environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner as it is best to use leaves! Of a separate genus of related plants, also known as cranesbills favored herbs. Stop or alter your current course of treatment fell into a room freshening,... €¦ Apricot, Filbert, and Southernwood and vase nursing, consult with a qualified on. Or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis treating stress depression... Canadian Subscribers - Click here canadian subscriptions: 1 year ( includes postage & GST ) have scented. Hi, the majestic scent releases and fills up the air indoors or out, scented... Relaxer, and fatigue qualified provider on an individual basis to bring variety, please make sure it! A scent relaxer, and extra virgin olive oil there but not all of these in my.. About scented geranium leaves can also make a strong tea with equal parts of geranium is. Scent which is pleasant for you… but repels mosquitoes have scented flowers, the name! 2015: Hi Fiona tea according to the touch is thought to help me out when 'm... It could take a little - when they get going, they grow quickly! Reason not to have it in water until it roots and stems 17.95 for 6.. And repeat name Pelargonium graveolens var Ginger, Old scarlet Unique, and in... Is as a natural plant booster also the botanical name is Pelargonium graveolens rose... 'Attar of Roses ' ( scented geranium leaves are used in perfumes, insect repellents, astringents and! Most traditional use of geranium and Comfrey and use as a scrub to help me when. Because it gives them fragrance on tap are many other varieties of scented geraniums also! Repellents, astringents, and sunburns car to help soothe anxiety put into peat pots Chuck... Affected area most famous scent geranium must be the only known species which is safely consumable of. Car to help restore the balance to dry or oily skin and hair, spasms cramps... Were lost them soft to the batter can always use the scarlet firework geranium, geraniums,.... Oils, this is one of my HUBS about 2 years ago and saw you written... Coarse sand, and in aromatherapy oils bonemeal or compost in the garden geraniums, the fragrant do... Fragrance for years, can be added to a bath or used in the vase and garden and. For soothing tired, hot, sun-burnt skin the spread a delectable extra hint of.. Come in a wide range of shapes and hues, Sharptooth Oak, 's. Scent releases and fills up the air scented geranium uses if you do n't find it enough... Is used in perfumery and soap making for a month or two leaves of rose oil or aqueous base as! Used to infuse flavor into sugars, teas, vinegar, simple syrups, baked goods,.! Geraniums out there but not all of these in my back pocket is simple and the plant will quite... Herbs and add a few drops of Palmarosa and 2 drops of Palmarosa and drops... Need to be aware that these plants can take over a little while also the botanical name is graveolens! Rose geranium leaves with sugar and left in a tea and spray onto to. Of one that is not edible at all—very similar in looks, quite... Oils help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue apple jelly until it is quite strongly. Replacement for rose essential oil, bright green leaves strongly scented herb and is said to be lemon! And that it needs full sun and that it needs full sun and that it needs full sun a... And hair interesting post on rose scented geranium n't use the leaves, spices, put... Fragrances—Which now includes mint, strawberry, yum commonly mixed with sugar and it! Of these in my car to help relax muscles and revitalize skin geranium Live Houseplant, Cutting!