I am so relived to find an affordable and fairly easy solution! We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Umm, the stainless steel backsplash was interesting. A fixture in the center that has more than the one bulb ours has might be a better idea if your area doesn’t have a lot of natural light. Does it scream 1980′s? The ballast takes in electricity and then regulates current to the bulbs. ... Open Box. Originally our kitchen was sporting a huge four-light fluorescent light box that is so typical of the late 1980s. At BulbCycle Light Bulb Recycling and Disposal, we work with government, private companies, hospitals, banks, retail stores, schools, and colleges throughout all of the state of New Jersey. My kitchen ceiling looks the same as yours. When we recently wrote about Our Love/Hate Relationship With Our Older Home, one of the things that came up in the comments section (thanks to commenters Karen and DC from Young Adult Money) was dealing with one of the unfortunate side effects of buying an older home. From Planting our Pennies, how to replace your outmoded fluorescent bulbs with rope lights. Easily less than $100 for the whole lighting project. Updating it to recessed lighting is fairly simple. I love falling asleep in the afternoon patch of sunlight they throw across the couch. Making my house a home on a shoestring budget, by giving it the Kim Six Fix. this might just be the solution , I’m going to do the exact same thing in my kitchen. It may be the best choice for lighting large rooms, such as offices and classrooms; they emit a strange spectrum of light, and the fixtures themselves tend to be unappealing. We replace our fluorescent lighting, build vertical gardens, and even go as far as managing our own rental properties, which meant we […], […] a plumber as well as a friend of ours, D, who was the one that gave us the idea for the update to our ugly fluorescent lights. Total cost was $2000 and they took care of the mold behind the wall too. Matt recently posted..Your finances as a Couple. A DIY, Home Improvement, Crafts and Recipes Blog. Pleasant. If your kitchen ceiling is flat, it probably has one or more light fixtures mounted to it’s surface. There are a variety of options available when it comes to concealing and hiding these unwanted light artifacts. Glad we could help Nicole. Our Wolfers lighting consultants are happy to help & we recommend making an appointment to discuss your kitchen lighting or cabinet lighting questions. Glad to have you visit our site =), It looks great !! Thanks, Anne! I am going to tackle this! But they should be installed by an experienced and reputable dealer to avoid problems with leaks. Nail the crown moulding in place, and use caulk to cover up the nail holes and any gaps that you have at the base or corners. We used it here, and put it up in all the bedrooms, and it really classes up the place. Great job! Wow, I really like that lighting solution for the kitchen. Take the wiring (may need an electrician for this) and run it down to the outsides of the recess. PoP and I weren’t 100% sure that K&D’s vision would really be as easy to execute as they made it sound, but since we didn’t have a better plan at the time, we decided to give it a shot. Just clean them up, and get new hinges and handles. Natural light during the day and plenty of artificial light … There are still wires there. Fluorescent light diffuser panels – Kitchen updates are usually very expensive and require a lot of work. =), I really like the new look. My lightbox measured 4’x6’x12” around. Check out the video of Recessed Lights to see how to upgrade your kitchen lighting! Thanks! I love the idea of the skylight in the kitchen, but sadly above that is the only accessible area of our attic. It actually took chunks off that we had to patch later to get it all off. Free shipping. Have you ever done a similar project that provided great “bang for buck” results when it came to updating? The Best crown molding installation, new base boards, entertainment centers, built ins, cabinet refinishing & more. =). And so much dust and lots of dead bugs). These lights are not only  unflattering, but in our house they were also falling apart. I replaced them with six LED can lights, a three-bulb chandelier over the island and a drop pendant over the sink. Okay, next time you feel the remodeling impulse: see how you’ve got wiring up in the middle of that recess lashup? The drop off location for these light bulbs is located at the Household Hazardous Waste facility at 3620 Box Butte Avenue, just to the southeast of the Recycling Center. Michelle recently posted..Ways to Spend Christmas Cash. As with all matters financial, proceed with caution. Looks great! When some of the big spending items go unnoticed by guests (like a new roof), it’s nice when we get to show the cheap ones off a bit =), I looks so much better with the new changes. I am a bit confused on the wiring. Thanks for the reminder and the link. There is sheet rock on the ceiling and then sheet rock in the box where the lights are attached. Plus, as Mandy noted, it looks like a costly upgrade, not a modernization of outdated style. In order to nail molding to the wood, wouldn’t that edge have to be wider than the sheet rock that makes up the ceiling? Yay, the post I was waiting for haha Ours was wound pretty tight, so we put nails every 18-24″ that prevented the rope light from popping up. But otherwise it is pretty simple to replace. It just makes things look older than they are. So consider how much natural light is in the room and if the log walls make the room seem dark. They throw off a good amount of heat, and they actually burn out pretty quickly for some reason. Nice job on the cabinets. The tentative game plan was to remove all the faces, sand down the veneer finish, paint them all uniformly and remount. The Bulb Crusher is able to crush both fluorescent tube light bulbs and the compact fluorescent light bulbs. (A closer up pic is below.) Each light installation had its own little peculiarities, so I’ll dive into those before detailing the work that went into the ceiling. The cabinets looked super dated. Then get some LED rope lights and just stuff the rope lights down into the pocket. It came off as I painted, so the people at my local hardware store said to seal it, then paint it. 12 yrs exp, We got a lot accomplished today at the house! This was (in the grand scheme of projects we tackled) a relatively cheap and simple way to make a major update to the way the kitchen looked. Insert the LED bulb, and you got your economical LED bulbs. It’ll make a great accent light, then you put whatever you want in the center.”. Huge Catalog! We have hideous recessed fluorescent kitchen lighting but can’t spend any money right now, so this solution is exactly what I got online hoping to find.

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