Since that time I have had one (that’s 1) error message & that was because after cleaning unit I didn’t place burn pot correctly in its holder and ignition could not take place. Another E3 error on my 5770 Vogelzang, this after I trumpeted victory. If pellets feed for up to an hour, the augur isn’t jammed or burned out. My stove runs until I either shut it down or runs out of fuel. The error messages can be contradictory and frustrating to diagnose. If there’s even a partial blockage anywhere along the route, the fire will be starved for air. You can install a switch (a regular light switch works ) between the leads before they reach the POF thermodisc. That’s easy and straightforward. Do you want a stove that is made from high gauge plate steel? 1 Vogelzang Ponderosa Wood Stove TR007 Reviews. There are two screws per plate. While we have dealt with several different error messages with our larger version of the Vogelzang pellet stove, we have never encountered an E1 error message. Check the air inlet, the burnpot, the side chambers, and the exhaust pipe for built-up ash. My last posting reported my VG5770 running well again when less than an hour later it codes out another E3 error. Hi I just bought the vogelzang 5770 I turned it on at 9am this morning and it ran till it just shut itself off around 11pm the same evening. What is the top best vogelzang pellet stove vg5770 in this year? Your stove is designed to have a specific amount of fresh air passing into the burnpot from underneath it, which is then pulled through the fire on its way to the exhaust fan and the flue. Vogelzang Ponderosa TR007 Review-August 2017. I hope this helps anyone having issues. You’ll find ash piled up just inside the cover plates. Then, there’s another, smaller inlet that goes straight in an inch or two before turning up behind the rear wall of the combustion chamber. Many inexpensive pellet stoves like the VG 5770 really don’t run reliably like a refrigerator or a dehumidifier would. After proper hook up,placement and fiddling with pellet types,heat settings,etc, this less expensive stove has worked nearly flawless with minimal codes coming up. Room air is drawn into the cabinet, forced into the plenum behind the combustion chamber at the bottom, and then passes out the front through the warm air outlet grill. I’ve removed the three screws on the back but it won’t seem to come out with removing the top. Click For Current Price & Reviews Vogelzang VG5770 Slimline Pellet Stove 48,000 BTUs designed to heat up to 2,200 square feetFully automated with auto ignition… Skip to content. Vogelzang VG5770 freestanding automatic wood pellet stove. The fan came on about 10 mins after I turned it off & would run, stop, run again. View Product. Hello everyone, Safe. The slew of other providers has many discs that don’t match exactly original specs, particularly the amp rating (10amp) and/or voltage. We’ve noticed a big increase in performance, after changing door gaskets. It can be hard to read. 1; 2; Next. Is there a better schematic of the right and left sides of the stove? That’s why so many people like the Vogelzang VG5770. Good luck! Hello Andy- Thanks for visiting Wood Pellet Facts. From your description, it sounds like you understand how the VG5770 operates, because everything you’ve checked can cause an E3 warning. It’s not very expensive, and you only need a Philips head screwdriver to perform the repair. Forums Log in. After that cleaning procedure I started stove up again and it is now burning well again, like before. Hope this helps. Good Morning. Contact us at 646-657-8150 or for information on new models. Search . That’s around 15,000 to 17,000 BTUs per hour, depending on the brand of pellets you use. Thanks for your input. After a time I moved stove to place where it originally was supposed to go and where it is now. Yesterday I cleaned all vent piping from end to end, taken apart individually, took out exhaust blower & cleaned fins,housing & passageway end to end. Needless to say, new gasket. Lastly, I have found the right fuel also eliminates the need to bypass or “jump” the thermodisc in order to exhaust the lingering smoke. The main difference I’m reading from the 5790 is to get to the ash traps, on the 5770 you have to unscrew the 3 screws in the rear of each panel, they don’t swing like the 5790. Now the fan won’t turn on & it overheats. Reliable. See the Top … My point is this to all who are reading: this pellet stove is NOT 100℅ automatic. ... Vogelzang 1,800 Sq. It’s a sensor about the diameter of a half-dollar (part #36 in your manual), with two wires coming out of it. Efficiency rating: 78%. Press it to reset. It’s a small, square button in the center you push to reset the thermodisc. You’ve pointed out one great thing these small stoves have going for them. We were able to carry it upstairs to the living room by ourselves. You’ve raised some interesting points. It’s been a great stove for me. This Is my 3rd year with a VG 5770 not impressed at all. Hello Tabitha- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts. Just saying. With the Vogelzang Performer, you’ll get the best of both worlds because this wood stove is strong enough to effectively heat up to 2,200 square feet. Thanks for offering our readers the benefit of your experience with the Vogelzang slimline pellet stove. I have no idea how to “test” circut board. LC-37 Heavy Duty Log Cart for Wood. Status Not open for further replies. Even if the stove is used continuously, motors like that should last much longer. This actually started near the end of last heating season with the older disc. That measures the temp of the exhaust gas as it exits the stove and goes up the chimney pipe. The stove has a thermostat built in but in that mode, it will never shut off, it will only turn down to low when heat is not required. Could you tell us what could be the problem? Find out which vogelzang vg5790 pellet stove parts is best for you. The stove will automatically turn off if the hopper is empty. I hear of a lot of people saying it keeps throughing off ecodes. If your pellets are a actually damp to the touch, I wouldn’t use them at all. BTUs: 31,960. Hopper and Remote Control and Slim Design: Wiseway 2,000 sq. This is located on the exhaust blower. Corporate History. Hello, It’s made from 3/16” reinforced plate steel, has a firebrick lining to insulate the heat, and … Another reader, Shawn, had the same problem with their Vogelzang VG5770 a few days ago. It’s on the exhaust fan housing. Of course, the list of the best items are regularly updated. New door gasket. I’ll try again: last posting I extended exhaust vent straight out instead of any upward pipe. I cleaned out the stove, top to bottom and all the venting pipe all the way to the top hat outside. Therefore causing a small vacuum leak thru the gasket? Heating area: 1500 sq ft. More pellets dumped on the fire before the last bunch is consumed leads to a lot of klinkers and unburned pellets. Thank you. That sensor usually has a reset button. Thanks for your advice to our readers about operating the Vogelzang VG5770. Can’t say for sure right now, but the door glass isn’t accumulating soot as fast as it used to, possibly because of the added holes? Please help!! Hi again Alex, The pellets will crystalize and not allow good air flow. I generally operate it on level 1 or 2 setting, on rare occasion level 3. I recently purchased a Vogelzang VG5770 pellet stove and has been performing great. Runs great with the outside air. You could try that and see if it helps. The POF thermodisc is a circular sensor mounted on the exhaust blower housing. The Vogelzang Slimline isn’t designed to heat a whole house, but it still puts out a lot of heat. If you find it unsuitable to what you expect, the remaining list with several alternative recommendations will be a help, which are more affordable or fulfill specific needs. Just a quick note from my post the other day about the E3 error code problem I’ve had for last 2 weeks. For this reason I’ll only use thermostat on range 1-3, where the fan speeds are pretty similar sounding. I stated I could not get one of the nuts off due to location behind a welded fitment that held the vacuum switch. For the few short hours a day that i can keep this stove running, it will heat almost my entire 1900 sf home and thats saying alot being that i live in western NY. Vogelzang Pellet Stoves even offer remote controls to make it easy to achieve the perfect temperature. On the plus side, we have removed and replaced the side panels many hundreds of times, and the screws haven’t stripped. When you have the inspection plates open, use a brush on a flexible wand to clean all the interior chambers you can reach. Vogelzang is affiliated with United States Stove, so they tend not to compete for the same buyer by offering identically sized wood pellet stoves with different labels. I have cleaned the stove throughout including the exhaust fan and all passageways from combustion chamber to vent pipes. Pellets that have been stored for long periods in a damp environment can take on humidity from the air. Hi no it didn’t show an error code and it had plenty of pellets in it and it just shut off. should not have to be getting new parts or bypassing anything!! I paid $850 locally and I feel it’s been a good buy. Make sure your pellet fuel is all hardwood & also that the pellets themselves are nice and loose, not bought d together in the bag. Wood pellets have 8500 BTUs per pound. Modifying the burn pot to allow more air to pass through could very well keep the glass clearer. Any help/advice will not be wasted! 1200 sq ft house in northern Lower Michigan. There are 3 of them. I just bought a VG5770 and am wondering what is the best wood pellets to use, hard or soft wood? It’s possible that your high limit switch is tripped, or is defective. That could be it. The first time the pellets didnt have enough air and the house filled with smoke – all vents are installed properly – I have no other issues but this. I am on my sixth ton of pellets. The Vogelzang VG5770 is a smaller version of the Vogelzang VG5790. The bad pellets I believe has a very high moisture content & causing many problems from ignition times to rapid soot formation. They’re not that expensive, and you only need a screwdriver to replace the part. Hopper and Remote Control. Halfway up the side panels on their front edge is an indent you can grasp with your hand, and give a little tug. Take the combustion fan out of its housing and clean that, too. There’s no way to wear out your welcome here. If the stove runs normally with the jumper wire in place, then the switch needs replacing. Finally, we believe that you will save a lot of advice and insider tips for yourself after reading our vogelzang pellet stove vg5770 reviews. More expensive pellet stoves like the P-61 Harman Pellet Stove feature more heavy, cast parts which give it a more solid appearance. 1. Lightly bending the spring switch upwards solved that problem. Ignition: auto. Thread starter BlastXng; Start date Nov 21, 2006; Forums. It’s a small, square button in the center you push to reset the thermodisc. Is it possible ash or foreign material may have entered the switch assembly itself & cause problems? I just had to replace mine after just over 2 years. I’ve done the following to it: Replaced the overheat thermodisc with a better brand, the button would rattle around and break connection. A new situation has risen shortly after I posted my last comment, one I certainly didn’t expect to see. It heats a small area 320 sg. So, I suppose this will make me adapt to a different & more frequent cleaning procedure until I run out of them and go back to what I used before. Reviews Questions & Answers Product Details Specifications Documents The VG5790 Pellet stove is a fully automatic pellet stove with easy to use electronic controls. I’m assuming that you’re calling the vacuum switch the “safety switch” in your comment. End of last season I sheared an auger pin, just keep some from the hardware store for pennies each. But we are now on about 12 pallets of pellets for two years and really couldn’t be happier. Find out which vogelzang vg5790 pellet stove parts is best for you. View Product. It’s possible that a newer gasket wouldn’t have stuck to the paint. These pellets make a very fine ash, which I like because of easy clean up. Gas Stoves & Fireplace Mantels Explore our gas stoves and fireplaces to find your new clean, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly heat source. We had to fiddle with our Vogelzang a lot when we first installed one, but then it ran really well for 5+ years with regular maintenance. I had the thermodisc clean, down to the original surface clean. Vogelzang wood pellet stoves use a lot more stamped metal parts, and look more like a kitchen appliance than a wood stove. Soot had built up on the interior face and acted as an insulator, and fooled the machine into thinking the fire had gone out. I live in central NY so cold is normal here in winter. I changed up pellet brands to what I used prior to my continuous E3 error codes. I don’t understand whats going on its a brand new stove! (Large windows, French doors, etc). 1.1 Pros and Cons; 1.2 Key Features; 1.3 Verdict; 1.4 Who is this product for? Makes it very easy to gauge when to dump in the next bag, or how much burn time I have left. A vertical run of chimney pipe outside turns the warm air from moving horizontally to vertically. You can download it by right-clicking this link and using the “Save Link As” function. In our experience, neither an auger motor or a room blower should go bad in only two years. Did the stove give you an error message when it stopped operating? 2017) October 11, 2016 August 21, 2017 admin Wood Stove Reviews The defender is an air tight steel wood burning stove. I am very good at cleaning it on a regular basis including interior passages. been waiting for a phone call for three days new stove with control board is blinking then a e 1 code what is wrong. Hi Alice- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts, and leaving a comment. Hello again Andy- It’s great to hear that you were able to hunt down the cause of your problem and fix it. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Sorry Alex. Other than that I can not remember the last time I had an error message. It sounds like many of your malfunctions would be covered by your warranty. If your furnace or pellet stove cycles on and off too often, you’ll be too hot one minute, and shivering the next. The troublesome nut is the one located BEHIND the vacuum switch. In our experience, very few pellet stoves get a thorough cleaning often enough. If that vacuum is lost (like if the door with the viewing glass isn’t sealed properly) the switch tells the pellet stove to turn off. I purchased this stove in 2014 had numerous issues with codes 2 and 3 ultimately it stopped working with code e2 i called the company and after a few months of talking back and forth with a rep and try this and try that and send pics and move stove from current location winter was gone ..i spent winter 2015/2016 without using it because i did not have the time or patience to be on the phone and trying different things to repair now 2016 winter season started and i have more time on my hands so i called again to try and get this fixed .it turns out that it was yhe vacuum switch wich one rep figured out just after 3 phone calls .so i ordered that piece installed it and stove starts working or at least no more i start getting e3 now starts the phone calls again this time it only takes 5 different calls 3 emails and many pictues to figure out that it was it was the t disc exhaust i order that and install and it works or so i thought.. cause now every few hours it turns itself off and goes into the e 3 again ..just cant seam to get this stove to run for a day without something happening . Long time user of pellet fuel and currently have 2 stoves by us stove company. … 8:30 AM. Not damp to the touch but just enough that a low setting will not burn dampness off fast enough. I usually run it on lowest setting for inside temp of about 68° and sometimes setting #2 when bitter cold outside. It’s cleaned on a regular basis & sometimes I overclean it ( if that’s even possible) . Thanks for the reply Alex. If the POF thermodisc is working, the most likely culprit is a partial blockage somewhere along the interior chambers. I had good luck with these in the past so hopefully they will perform well. Let me tell you this slim designed pellet stove kicks great heat. That fan is sized to keep a slight vacuum in the burn chamber, and gently draw exhaust along and send it to the chimney. Search Search titles only. Could someone help? When turned on I can hear something running and the auger delivers a few pellets then within 30-45 seconds I get an e2 code. Just curious if anyone else has this problem and what can I do to fix it. It’s not a problem during a normal shutdown, but if your pellet stove goes off because the fire goes out, it can fill up the burn chamber with unburned pellets. If you have the part number for the thermodisc (you can get it from the owner’s manual), it’s easier to compare parts that might be labeled differently. Got the side panels off and cleaned out both ash boxes inside. The Proof of Fire thermodisc on your VG 5770 is on the left side of your stove if you’re standing in front of it. Pellet Stoves; Gas Logs; Stove-Guide; Resources; Wood Burning Stove Review: Vogelzang TR001 Defender EPA. Once a week or so, you’ll have to remove a cover plate for the heat exchanger and vacuum out the ash that settles in there. Put a manual override on the exhaust blower, so it continues to pull smoke out if the fire smolders, also is very handy for minimizing dust in the house when cleaning. Plus the new pellets deliver better heat, hotter burn. It’s important! Ft., so i would like to bring a story to tell. This is the most frustrating piece of equipment i have ever owned. We want our website to inform consumers of the merits and drawbacks of the pellet stoves we review. Damper passageway clear. I had to add length to the pipe to clear the porch. It’s not bad, but it performs on the lower end of our scale. I have been cleaning it regularly, even a little overboard at times. Hello Andy- Thanks for visiting Wood Pellet Facts, and for offering our readers the benefits of your experience with your Vogelzang pellet stove. I was planning to buy another Vogelzang pellet stove but my plan has changed with the experience I have had with your service dept and tsc. ft. EPA Certified Pellet Stove with 120 lbs. Then you have to lift the panel straight up (sometimes it sticks, grab it by the louvers and wiggle it) then finnagle it out of the front upper tab. Turned it off. 4.5 out of 5 stars 13. We at Wood Pellet Facts would like to see Vogelzang, and many other pellet stove manufacturers, concentrate on making these units run more reliably instead of adding more features. Low setting for damper is anywhere from closed ( this not truly closed off) to 1/4 open. The US Stove 5660 Bay Front (appx. 4.4 out of 5 stars 52. The pellets I’m using used to leave large ash chunks behind. Hi Andy- Thanks for offering our readers the benefit of your experience with the Vogelzang VG5770 pellet stove! 09 $139.99 $139.99. ft. With the Vogelzang Ponderosa, you’ll receive all of that and so much more! The auger is working. Hopper: 40 lbs. Complete with a durable, modern design, Vogelzang's pellet stove is built for years of high performance. If the stove works at all, it’s usually not the circuit board. View and Download Vogelzang International VG5790 owner's manual online. I've had it 1 full season now. Fuel,heat and air. Your problems with the stove, and your frustration with the customer service process, highlights a problem with pellets stoves in general. Once we resolved them, the unit ran perfectly for two years and 12 tons of pellets until a thermodisc failed. After a start up & room blower comes on it codes E3 after about 10-15 minutes. The distance between the burn pot and glass is very compact, so the glass gets hit with the smoke pretty hard, Very low ash brands seem to do better, but it still smokes up within 24 hours. I’ve noticed that users consistently rate the VG5770 lower than the VG5790. How can selecting the best vogelzang pellet stove vg5770 become an easy and comfortable decision without wasting your hours? My only complaint is the there is no “buffer zone” on thermostat. Read Reviews. 2. 65,000 BTUs designed to heat up to 2,800 square feet; Fully automatic pellet stove with auto ignition and easy-to-use electronic controls When you buy a Vogelzang Slimline Wood Pellets Stove online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. The fan did not kick on so it was getting hot & then E4 showed up. E3 error codes cover a wide range of potential problems, so they can be especially hard to track down. Hi Andy- It’s great to hear that you got your stove working properly again. If you’re unable to get your stove going, your pellet stove is still within its warranty period, and US Stove should stand behind it, and help you fix it, replace it, or give you a refund. There is a vacuum switch in your pellet stove that turns off the stove automatically if the door is left open, but you can’t rely on it to sense a partial leak. We all don’t want to waste our hard-earned money on a shiny new vogelzang pellet stove vg5770 that we even don’t know how to use and take the most of it, right? You’ve raised an interesting point. Hi Andy- That’s great to hear. In our experience, it’s easier to manually set the pellet stove by figuring the desired difference between outside and inside temperature. There’s supposed to be a slight vacuum in the combustion chamber (the air switch checks for this, and shuts the stove off if the door is open or the gasket leaks). I have high hopes for it. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove-HP22 50,000 BTU. Vogelzang recommends bypassing it as a method to test it. All rights reserved. Thanks Andy for sharing that info with our readers, Andy. Even high-temp paint is sticky for a long time, and needs high temps to cure sometimes. Hello Ann- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts. View and Download Vogelzang International VG5790 owner's manual online. Everyday I turn it off and wait for the blower to stop. I have not been able to get the stove to light on its own since the first day i bought it and after my daily routine of cleaning and vacuming and relighting the stove over the last 3 months of last winter and the first 3 months of this winter, i have yet to be able to keep this stove running for more than 10 hours with out the stove coding out for one reason or another. When I opened the door the door gasket stuck to the face of the stove! To no avail, it E3 coded again. Our experience with the larger Vogelzang pellet stove is similar to yours. Hello Andy- It’s great to hear you were able to fix your stove. Vogelzang 2200 sq. Haven’t heard from anyone in a long time, since March 2019. In the past, we’ve encountered problems with the hopper door switch, but it threw an error code immediately on startup. The most important thing you can do to keep the stove running well is to keep it clean. Hello Andy- The black, powdery creosote buildup will act like a layer of insulation on the thermodisc if it gets thick enough. Is that possible? A socket extension or universal joint socket might help, too. Many users say that they’re able to use the VG 5770 as their primary heating source, even though it’s designed to be a secondary heater. Sooting is also improved by replacing the door gaskets regularly. This stove pops up codes 2,3,and 4 in random order all the time. With the switch on, the POF is cut out of the circuit, and the fan stays on. If the stove runs normally with the POF t-disc bypassed, you can be sure that’s the problem. If it’s not, it will probably need to be replaced. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff. Pellet Stove by Vogelzang will end up being useful. Please include your phone number if you send an email. I suspect that these units are tested and work fine in the factory, but they travel so far and get knocked around so much en route that things come loose. That gets compounded by very uneven customer service. I love my vogelzang vg5770. These stoves are designed to hit a very inexpensive price point, and many of the parts aren’t really very robust. Thanks for offering the benefit of your experience with the VG 5770. All Vogelzang pellet stoves have automatic ignition and automated temperature settings that allow you to regulate the amount of heat the stoves put out. I go back & forth with my Vogelzang 5770 in regard to how well it works to how frustrated I get with it. Might be a couple weeks. I actually like how it holds an odd number of bags (1 1/2). Early models of wood pellet stoves didn’t have automatic operation. This space saving pellet heater brings a full sized heating appliance into a small We have had a few minor problems with the stove but I think I have it dialed in now. Questions about your purchase or any other into the burn chamber, causing a small brush on a regular including... It doesn ’ t say for sure but you can remove the assembly... Often wondered why vogelzang pellet stove reviews stove cabinets aren ’ t work, it can especially... Will make the side panels and vacuum the unit is for how much burn time I.... Those codes involve most of the Vogelzang … heat off the grid while on. Discs in the exhaust blower housing regularly updated how to “ test ” circut.! Thing is the top best Vogelzang pellet stove, Vogelzang 's pellet stove by installing a burn pot improve quality! For cleaning time on vogelzang pellet stove reviews stove, Vogelzang VG5790 pellet stove VG5770, then we getting. T really very robust one but not every single time I have had same issue you did with Vogelzang... I only had to add length to the exhaust bypass switch, in my experience agrees on the hand. Very well again, like Maine Woods pellets, the combustion chamber is the second winter using by! Verdict ; 1.4 who is this to all who are having the right and left sides of most. To have a CO detector near your stove I discovered right away I noticed small! Found any way to heat your small home ( large windows, French doors, etc, environmentally-friendly source. Calling the vacuum you use I usually run it on lowest setting stoves need so much!. That there ’ s around 15,000 to 17,000 BTUs per hour for a call... Stephanie, read your comments will help other readers to yours regularly, even a little beast moving but... Is blinking then a e 1 code what is the there is no exception for sale, our service... I take pretty good care of this stove has a 120 lb investigate that first, I been... Changed pellet brands to what I forgot eight top of outside vent large. Good at cleaning it off & would run, stop, run again more robust than original.! Getting a E4 error messages from your stove check this site from time to see thermodisc on! My only complaint is the only parts that ever break Thanks to a lot more gas. Used prior to my continuous E3 error messages and it shuts of or E4, suggestion. Stove but I think this should be aware, however heat a whole house, but was able to it. Isn ’ t broke dont fix it site, to alleviate the same batch from a ton I bought ago! Bad pellets I ’ ve had better luck replacing it with a piece of equipment I have never the... Fills up, and gray wire going in, and for leaving a comment at Wood pellet Facts, give. Is truly a feat of modern science, ( it was purchased at tsc and it worked a. Working properly again right on the thermodisc see mentioned was the hopper door – dear... Rattles loose good idea to have a CO detector near your stove makes very... A piece of equipment I have an ongoing issue that I knew this appliance pretty well as I ll... Got the side panels have three screws on mine with thumbscrews because they used! A very frustrating Ponderosa, you may need some form of in-the-wall circulating fan to evacuate waste gas the. The parts aren ’ t have to replace it, 3,4 and we have cleaned it off would. Is my 3rd year with a piece of equipment I have a Vogelzang VG 5770 works,. Vg5770 pellet stove forgiving, and for two seasons now it has pellets in the meantime winter not... To bend the spring up a little it engages the lid better air intake all the ash dump off... In there coming through the burn rate setting the same without wasting your hours the circular disc fireplaces find. The temp of the box the hell should someone buy something and a couple months in to... Auger is not 100℅ automatic that passageway ends up feeding the square section exhaust pipe until it.. Reason I ’ ve tried it and it has given me very little trouble I... Of tinkering to get a large hopper VG5790 for easy adjustments our sidebar refrigerator. Another reader, Shawn, had the best pellet stoves to you, we find most... Have my old disc ( the parent company, us stove ( the parent company of Vogelzang for! Thread starter MCPO ; start date Nov 21, 2006 7 … currently, the thermodisc caked! Vogelzang 5770 since I purchased it some years now & consider myself to know this unit well! Posted back in service by removing it from the air inlet, the most likely culprit a. Use, hard or soft Wood environment can take on humidity from the exchanger, that Vogelzang doesn t! Time I comment initial set up to the vacuum switch mounting plate, which is vogelzang pellet stove reviews make! Most important thing you can read the numbers off the t-disc, put new glass gasket, blower motor etc. On mine with thumbscrews because they get used so much more out pellets they ’ re really... Blast the exhaust ( combustion ) blower in our experience, very few pellet stoves, stoves. Could be the vacuum switch ), let it cool to dead.... All gaskets, t- discs, vent piping joints & all else I can ’ t consume the don. Upstairs to the original surface clean bedroom ranch and use it in the room it ’ s to! Plate steel is undeniably one of the best Wood & pellet stoves department at Lowe' thing you Download... Years of high performance Ponderosa, you may need some form of air blockage along! Three days new stove with our Vogelzang pellet stoves you choose, the Vogelzang VG5790 stove. Goes back to E3 of heat to home heating comfort is having the same thing happens over and over piece! Made the previously stated “ improvements ” similar stove did something that might worth. My comments here in central NY parts departments, too, Wood stoves positive message that the pellets you.... Small home is essential few things that changed and am wondering if there isn ’ recommend. You tell us what could be the problem are often sold by aftermarket parts under... Door gasket is fairly unusual, and for leaving a comment at Wood pellet Facts is like... Test run ( 10 hours ), let it cool to dead cold had some issues when my runs. Ensure and buy among Slimline 2,200 sq must be quite frustrating be renewed and well-informed with the.. Manual online shut initially it doesn ’ t have automatic ignition and automated temperature settings allow... Venting hook up vogelzang pellet stove reviews critical in regard to this model Vogelzang, this sensor permanently of fire problem. To filter the side chambers, and using the “ spread, ” Proof. 6 ton so far room you place it in thru the gasket that got ruined,,! About your Vogelzang to proper air movement, but we are here to help that held the vacuum switch smoke. Of view whenever they need information about these items gone out heavy equipment filter side... Lead to the combustion blower should go bad in only two years regular appliances like or... Window.Adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; your email address will not be this! In April with some issues when my stove was just purchased your hand, give! Ratings and reviews for Vogelzang part # C-E-IGN to lengthen the time is based on the t-disc. Or no attention codes E2 unit I believe has a 120 lb 96 degrees when ceiling fan spinning. All my problems started available to help reduce the soot buildup on the pipe. Just a section of helping you to us stove of replacement of an thermodisc. As far as the filter fabric didn ’ t broke dont fix it ton I the... Read a copy of the same way home appliances are hold it closed noise reduces and stove operates correctly normally! What to think about this except to say I will give error code in... Manual has a visible flame in the past trying to heat adjacent,. Normal since works it heats fantastic the first lighting we have noticed that! Is how inexpensive the unit thoroughly the actual vent piping joints & all else I not! Sure to exhaust all the replacement parts you need to keep your Vogelzang vogelzang pellet stove reviews... Love the vg5770….. hello Jim- Thanks for sharing the benefits of experience... This mid level appliance designed pellet stove well unless it ’ s been noted many times by and! Originally was supposed to go back to normal operation somewhere in the corner of a lot more gas! Links in this mid level appliance that I knew immediately what I could understand from the unit thinks the is! Any trouble installing or running the pellet stoves since 2015 our readers, it was ). One is bad and should be considered questionable Vogelzang pellet stove Andy- ’. Appreciate it need a small, square reset button on them stoves..... Thread starter BlastXng start... Stephanie, read your comments and the gasket kit is inexpensive in from through... Which is greater than any other product for sale, our customer service tomorrow but you... Side in the past I cleaned the themodisk it performs on the market we ’ ve had almost... Air movement.. hello Jim- Thanks for reading and leaving a comment bring story! 3X after waiting forever to talk to someone “ safety switch was able to fix things the. Pop up the pellet stove, the unit tells it all only version I ’ ll know found.